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Ivy's TITnosis - A Mesmerizing POV Cosplay Fetish Parody 1080p

Ivy's TITnosis - A Mesmerizing POV Cosplay Fetish Parody 1080p
Ivy's TITnosis - A Mesmerizing POV Cosplay Fetish Parody 1080p
Clip Includes: Poison Ivy Parody, POV Superhero Brainwashed by Ivy's TITnosis, Super Villain, Goddess Worship, Cosplay, Superhero Entrancement, Big Tits, Tit Play, Curvy, Redhead, Mesmerize, Magic, Special FX, Closeups, Ludella Hahn, TOPLESS NUDITY

"I see you got my invitation..." Ivy laughs, "You think I invite just any old hero to my lair? No...I wanted YOU. You know how I've been sucking out the powers from superheroes and superheroines all over? Well, I found an interesting one that I wanted to test. When I found this one heroine had the power to mesmerize with her breasts, I just had to get my hands, or really my tits, on it. Haha. To use for mischief, of course..."
She removes her corset and her big bare breasts glow with magic, mesmerizing you before she even begins testing the powers. She knows you're already entranced just by the sight of them, which she takes full advantage of, teasing you while she plays with them, bouncing, caressing, grabbing and squeezing...putting them right in your face. "I know you want them....I know you want me..."
And you do... You can't help it. That porcelain skin...that fiery red hair...those big juicy tits... You stay because part of you wants to be under her control. You don't even try to fight it when she uses the power of TITnosis on you... And once she does, you're hers. You've been turned bad, but it feels so good, especially when she tells you she needs once last thing to complete your entrancement: for you to take out your weapon.
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Keywords: poison ivy parody sfx villain cosplay tit worship teasing mind control magic control big tits seduction mesmerized made to be bad ludella hahn pov curvy redhead

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