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Doctor Laurel, Part 1+2+3

Doctor Laurel, Part 1+2+3
Doctor Laurel, Part 1+2+3

Mind Control Theatre is proud to announce the release of a three-part miniseries. Brooklyn Chase returns to us at Doctor Laurel, a therapist with a very… special way of inducing a trance in her patients.
In part 1, her patient thinks that she may have been hypnotized to be a married man’s lover. Doctor Laurel uncovers the truth, and adds her own unique programming on top of it.
Brooklyn Chase hypnotises Nickey Huntsman whit her breasts and makes her think that is fine to fuck a guy that is married, later she hypnotises the wife Allison Moore and finally they all have a foursome
In part 2, Doctor Laurel is summoned to help interrogate a very recalcitrant prisoner. In no time, Laurel has her attitude adjusted, and ready to cooperate totally… with anything.
Brooklyn Chase hypnotises Marie McCray and they fuck a little and then she proggrams her to do whatever the cops want, one of the cops fucks her meanwhile the other hypnotises and fucks Brooklyn in another room.
In part 3’s exciting conclusion, Laurel works on the programming of one of the cheerleaders of her nemesis, Doctor Michaels… but whose side is the patient really on? For that matter, who’s side is anyone on?
Brooklyn Chase hypnotises Kate England to reinforce the programming she already had and later hypnotises Cherie Deville who plays as the mother of the cheerleader and makes them fuck a little while she watches and then takes them to their masters house and finally they all have a foursome

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