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Addison Votdka - School Councilor Instructs to make Decisions based on *Why Not* ? 1080p

Addison is getting advice from the school councilor about dealing with situations and opportunities that she will be faced with. He STRONGLY advises that she use the simple phrase *Why Not?*  When she realizes her hesitation is either 1-Emotional, 2-Illogical, or 3-Irrelevant she should just say *Why Not?* and do it

For example, if she is asked to strip and show herself off, just say *Why Not?*

Told to get totally Naked and masturbate ? *Why Not?*

Let the councilor eat her pussy? "Why Not?!"

Take care of the councilor's hard cock with a blowjob "Why Not?!"

Fuck her throat *Why Not?*

Cum in her mouth? *Why Not?*

Pick out something slutty later that night and go to the councilor's house? *Why Not?*

Go to his bedroom and get her face fucked? *Why Not?* +

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