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Red Justice vs Timestopper

Red Justice vs Timestopper
Red Justice vs Timestopper
Starli and Rock - Red Justice is a super heroine, an ass kickin, crime stopping dame with super strength, will and speed. But how will she fare against The Timestopper? A villain-for-hire, hired to capture Red Justice and through advanced timestop and mind fucking, make her a slave to evil. The Timestopper starts by toying with Red Justice, they fight and he stops time and restarts it only to be behind her as she swings at nothing. Then he ends the fight by putting a mind fucking collar on her, causing her mind to slowly melt, she resists at first, but after some timestop fun and fucking, she caves in and follows his orders, until her will overcomes the collar. The Timestopper has to stop time so he can fuck her till he cums.
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