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Alex Dorian, Ashlyn Molloy and Rock Ashlyn – Timestopped

Alex Dorian, Ashlyn Molloy and Rock Ashlyn – Timestopped
Alex Dorian, Ashlyn Molloy and Rock Ashlyn – Timestopped
Rock will spend time together with his friend Alex, and would go to his house, but he is not home, rather, Alex’s sister, Ashlyn.
She informs him he is able to watch for Alex, so he sits lower. He starts asking about her existence, and when she’s single. She informs him that they includes a boyfriend and that she’s uninterested.
Rock decides he’s serious amounts of fool around, so he timestops her together with his timestop watch. He begins to pose her after which unfreezes her to look at her panic, then freezes her again. He begins to strip her then puts her around the bed and puts his cock in her own hands then unfreezes her, she tries to find a way, so he freezes her again.
He slides his cock into her frozen mouth and fucks her face, then rises and begins to fuck her. He pounds her tight pussy fucking her deep and difficult, once the door opens and Alex walks in, he does not appear of looking after that uncle is fucking his sister, so he allows them to finish.
Rock unfreezes her and she or he freaks out and tries to find a way, but he informs her it had become her idea, Ashlyn attempts to understand, but will not accept is as true, so he freezes her again and fucks her until he cums. He leaves her frozen around the bed while him and Alex get a beer.
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