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Velma & Daphne - Become Frozen Dolls

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Velma (Ludella Hahn) and Daphne (Andrea Rosu) are looking for clues at a spooky old house. They are supposed to be meeting the rest of the gang, but they haven’t shown up. They aren’t alone though. Someone is there...watching them… POV peeks out from a curtain and sneaks up behind them. They both turn startled when he snaps his fingers, but before they can do anything, he waves his hand and they are frozen as if by magic, STIFF as STATUES. POV comes closer to take a peek at both his new toys, frozen in place with eyes staring blankly ahead. Velma’s eyes are glassy and unblinking like she’s been turned completely into a mannequin, but Daphne is still able to blink, though her face is frozen and expressionless. POV tests them out by putting them into poses and taking a look at them from different angles, then he begins to strip them FULLY NUDE, removing article after article of clothing while posing them and groping their big breasts and butts as he strips their clothes off. Once they are fully nude, he poses them in various positions, testing their flexibility and poseability. He then snaps them back to life. Daphne immediately covers herself, horrified. “What happened? Velma???” Velma is kneeling on the floor. “My glasses! Who’s there? What’s going on?” “You’re naked Velma!” Velma reaches for her chest, and upon feeling her bare skin, she immediately covers herself with her hands, gasping. “Why are you doing this?” But then SNAP! Both girls are back to being nothing but DOLLS, glassy eyed and frozen in time. POV puts them both into the slave position, kneeling on the floor with their hands resting on their thighs. He looks at them up close and from different angles. They look so eager to serve him in this position, staring blankly ahead. He then poses them both with their faces close to the ground and big juicy asses up in the air, ass to ass. Both girls are deliciously curvy. He looks at them from different angles. They look so ready for him, presenting themselves to him in this pose. He comes into the middle of this juicy ass sandwich, grabbing onto Velma’s big juicy ass and thrusting into it...

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