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Angel Smalls (Tasty Goodies)

Max hears a knock at the door. It's the neighbor girl Angel and she's     selling some goodies for school. The treats surely do come to his door.     Max feigns interest only for a few seconds before he gets up to his     tricks, using the timestop app on his tablet to freeze the uniformed co-ed     in her place. He takes a moment to fondle her breasts as he strips off her     academy blouse. Her skin is soft and she smells good enough to eat. He     picks up the little petite, and sets her on the table, spreading her legs     open revealing her white cotton panties. He slides them aside to take a     look at her cute little pink hole before spinning her around and laying     her down to harden and wet his cock on her tongue. He sucks her supple     breasts and tongues her pussy before sliding his thick long veiny shaft     inside of her. He has all the control. He fucks her in every workable way     he can think of. He bends her over the table, fucks her standing, sitting,     making her ride his cock until he injects his secret sauce. He puts his     cock away and dresses her before unfreezing her. She doesn't suspect a     thing and asks if he would like to buy any of her goodies. Her goodies are     so tasty he can't not buy the whole box.
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