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Lovita Fate is getting ready for bed, but her boyfriend Charlie Dean would     rather they meet up and hang out together. He's a football player, and has     to travel for games, so who knows how long it will take until they can     meet again.

A couple of heartfelt messages later, and she's melting like butter, ready to meet up with her guy. As it goes with late-night chill-outs in front of the TV he starts kissing her and caressing her breasts.

However, Lovita is not feeling it, she has already told him that she wants to wait because she's old-fashioned. He drops it and tells her that he wants to play a game to get his mind off the stress that's ahead of him.

He pulls out a glove that he got from a friend, which allows the user to talk to beings from another dimension. Lovita agrees, thinking it would be fun, and she'll be the first one to try it.

The moment she touches it, Lovita passes out, her soul is in another dimension for 120 seconds. Well, look at that, Charlie just found out that he can do whatever he wants for those 120 seconds.

He starts to play with Lovita's pussy for a bit, before getting things back to how they were and Lovita snaps back. She didn't see a thing, there was only darkness, so naturally, Lovita is willing to go again.

This time Charlie starts kissing her, and opens her mouth wide to slip his cock inside while she's frozen in time, making her suck it. Guess the waiting part is out of the window.

She snaps back and then repeats the process once again. This time Charlie spreads her legs open and slides her panties sideways, proceeding to lick her tight pussy while Lovita's mind is in another dimension.

Meanwhile, in another dimension, Lovita can feel everything, and soon enough she feels as if there's a cock inside her, which is exactly what happens on the other side, Charlie is pounding away at his time-stopped girlfriend.

He manages to have his fun for a moment and then steps back right in time before she's back in the real world. The moment Lovita is back, she starts shaking uncontrollably, telling Charlie that she has never felt anything like this before and that she wants to feel it again.

This time she goes through an orgasm while still in the other world, and Charlie doesn't manage to set things back as they were. Thinking Lovita would be mad, he starts apologizing immediately.

Well, this Lovita is a bit different, she doesn't even say a word, instead takes control and pushes him onto the sofa so she can ride that long, thick cock. Her entire demeanor has changed, and she'll be on top of Charlie until he's busting a load on her pretty face.

However, that doesn't seem like Lovita at all. From that time-freeze cute, traditional girl, she turned into a cock craving monster with pure black eyes. Is it even Lovita anymore?

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