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Cocksucker Clinic

Cocksucker Clinic
Cocksucker Clinic
Take a step into my clinic if your sissy mouth hungers for thick cock. To those who simply dabble in sissy hypnosis, this file will act as a cure for your cocksucker tendencies, freeing you from all those naughty sissy desires. But if you happen to be a trueborn sissy, my treatment will seal you as a dick sucking cum-swallowing sissy whore for life. Make a doctor's appointment, if you dare.
This file contains 44 minutes of descent into a cocksucking trance
You've made an appointment to see me about your budding sissy urges. You provide me with a list of symptoms: shyness around women, feelings of inferiority, small penis, cocksucker desires. It's clear you're on the way to becoming a full-fledged sissy whore, but I may have a cure. Simply lie back and allow me to hypnotize you.
I drop you into a relaxing trance, and perform tests to determine how deep your cocksucker tendencies go. You seem to be attracted to big strong men much more than women. It appears you're much more sissified than I imagined.
I attempt to erase your sissy desires with male ones, but your arousal takes control of your rational thought. Thoughts of Cocksucking and cum drinking cloud your mind. Could you be a trueborn sissy after all? If so, this treatment may be leading to dangerous, irreversible changes in your sexuality…
When all else fails, I resort to more intense methods of treatment. This final test will determine if you're to be cured of all sissy desires, or sealed as a trueborn sissy for the rest of your life. I won't spoil the surprise… listen to find out ;)
After listening to this file, you'll either be cured of your sissy nature, or become completely and utterly sissified past the point of no return. The doctor is in, and waiting for your appointment ❤
    Hunger for cock
    Cum eating desire
    Feelings of inferiority towards men and women
    Deep trance
    Naughty cocksucking fantasy scenarios
    Doctor fantasy
    Reverse psychology
    Removal of attraction to women
    Cum command
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