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Good Girl Sissy Indoctrination Trance

Good Girl Sissy Indoctrination Trance
Good Girl Sissy Indoctrination Trance
Focus on my locket as it swings back and forth, slow your breathing as you watch its smooth eternal motion, and feel yourself slipping down into my trance. It's like you're caught in quicksand, unable to resist the downward pull, but instead of fear you feel only bliss as you slide deeper into the abyss.
It's time to learn the truth. You're not a boy. You're a girl, just like you were always meant to be. A very good girl. A cute, sweet, boy crazy girl - just like me. While your subconscious is under my control, I'll undo the years of male conditioning and reprogram you to be exactly who you were meant to be: a good little sissy girl. You'll learn to crave hot men - the romance, the crushes, and their big cocks, of course. But being a girl is also about so much more than just boys. Makeup, fashion, domestic duties... I'll train you to love all things feminine, to associate girly thoughts with the state of pleasure and relaxation you feel under my trance, to finally become to good girl you were always meant to be.
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