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"You're not gay. You're just an extremely submissive male who would do anything to please Me. Absolutely anything. Your dick cravings have nothing to do with your sexual orientation. If I say you like big thick cock, you like big thick cock. It's that simple. Right? A strap-on in your ass, a dick in your mouth. What's the difference really? You're doing it all for Me. So instead of playing these silly games, perhaps I can finally help you accept your filthy fantasy. Veiny throbbing dick on your brain, plowing your ass while you swallow hot loads. It's all the same to Me. So, you don't have come out of that closet. No need for labels. Just sit back, relax, look into My eyes, watch My beautiful curves, listen to My voice and get DICKNOTIZED."
Violet gives forced bi dirty talk while dressed in a one-piece
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