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Ensnared by the Witch

Ensnared by the Witch
Ensnared by the Witch
You’ve wandered into a strange place, haven’t you? You thought it would be fun to break into what you thought was an abandoned home. What do you remember after that? Nothing? I guess that means my spell worked. I love luring helpless men like you to my side. You see, I’m a witch. I used to subsist on small time potions and weak spells before I discovered the secret of my power. Today that secret is you. Oh, you thought I lured you here to fuck you? Not a chance. I am going to steal your sexual energy and your life force, but it won’t be with sex. Oh, but you’re already so hard just thinking about it. Go ahead. Jerk yourself off.
You’ll want to get one final orgasm out before I claim your lifeforce for my own power.
Goddess Alexandra is a sexy latex-clad witch who loves catching men to drain their life force, which somehow involves her making them jerk off to her sexy body.  Includes: JOI, mind control, hypnosis, no sex or nudity.

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