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Love Potion - Lori

Real estate agent, Lori, has come to her client's home to take him to look     at some properties in the area. When he asks her out for lunch after, she     tells him that she has just gotten out of a relationship and not     interested at this time. This seems like the perfect opportunity to try     out his new "love potion" on her! He drops some in her drink and watches     her personality change as the potion takes effect. Now it seems Lori can't     get enough of him and will do anything to win his affection - even if it     means putting on a genie costume.

As the afternoon progresses, however, the love potion begins to wear off and Lori realizes what she is doing. Good thing her client has a contingency plan and is successful at hypnotizing Lori using his pocket watch. Now Lori is in a mindless state and ready to server her master without question

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