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Trained Gamer Girl

Juniper is a gamer girl and of course a lot of her nerdy guy friends secretly want her. One of them lures her over to his apartment with the idea of playing some video games. But he's rigged the arcade machine to train her into obedience during her game.

Key highlights of video include:

    Hypnotized by a spiral on an arcade game.
    Repeats her programming while in a trance, captivated by the spiral.
    Chants the word "hypnotized" while her tits and ass are felt up.
    Must crawl on the floor as a mindless slave girl and chant her mantra.
    Felt up while worshiping her master on her knees.
    Remaining in a trance, must rub her hands over her body and chant her mantra.
    Sleepwalks while chanting her mantra.
    Snapped awake, but now has romantic interest in her nerdy friend.
    Snapped back into a trance. Sits on her master's lap while her tits are played with.
    Topless nudity.
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