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Statue Mode 3 - Jayci

Jayci shows up at her ex husband's home demanding money for overdue child     support. Usually he caves in and gives her whatever he has in his wallet     just so she'll leave. But this time he has a special little remote he uses     on Jayci. When he points the remote at her and presses the button, Jayci     shuts her mouth and goes into a pose. She is frozen and unaware, and can     be posed in any position he chooses to put her in. Jayci is posed and     played with, and frozen multiple times. As the conversation progresses,     she begins to realize that something is happening to her. She tries to     leave but is put into another pose, this time topless. Her ex takes     pictures of her in this compromising state and threatens her with them if     she doesn't leave and stop pestering him about the money he owes.
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