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Brainwashing Jessica Rabbit - Made to do Every BAD Thing Master wants - Ludella Mesmerized to Obey POV in Cosplay Parody

POV waits until the club has cleared out after Jessica’s performance so that he can have her to himself. When he approaches her, she’s flattered by his fandom. But when he comes onto her, she tells him she’s a taken woman, thwarting his advances with claims that “being bad” is just an act and she’s loyal to her husband. When she tries to leave, POV shows her a mesmerizing app on his phone, causing her eyes to go blank as if undergoing reprogramming, which she is of course. She’s being reprogrammed to obey POV’s every command, to serve her Master.

She’s made to repeat mantras of her obedience as she walks around the stage with her hands out straight like a zombie, pacing back and forth as if in a trance with a mindless stare. Then POV decides to snap her out of the trance and back to her usual self, but have her still obey his commands. SNAP.

She’s confused about the lost time, and when she tries to leave again, she finds her feet are stuck in place. She wiggles and struggles to be free, but she’s stuck. When POV tells her to play with her tits and her hands begin to do so, she’s confused that things aren’t matching up. She doesn’t want to obey, but she can’t seem to help it. Then POV gives her big melons some squeezing while she’s stuck in place, unable to resist.

“What have you done to me? Put me under some kind of spell or something? What? You BRAINWASHED me? To obey you like my Master? Well, I will NOT be doing all the dirty things you ask me to,” She says as she begins to lick her big girthy microphone over and over, making drooly ahegao faces. She tries to fight it, but keeps opening her big juicy lips and suggestively licking and sticking out her tongue, moaning with breathy pleasure.

At last, she’s able to stop and she asks POV if he’s some kind of devil or something, being able to make her do such naughty things. POV snaps her back into a trance and has her kneel on the floor in a slave position with a wonderful view of her juicy ample cleavage. POV has her sensually caress her curves while sticking out her tongue thirstily. Then he programs her to act like an eager horny bimbo who thinks POV’s the sexiest man alive. SNAP.

She shows off her body, coming onto POV and stripping down to her panties. POV snaps her back to normal just to see her reaction. She quickly covers her breasts, embarrassed, and admits she’s never stripped for anyone but her husband before. POV makes her take the panties off, and she can’t help but to obey as much as she tries to fight it. He then makes her crawl around on the floor, fully nude, giving POV some peeks of her red rose while she crawls sensually and wiggles her curves–while her body betrays her for him.

She begs POV to stop, but he snaps her back into the horny bimbo state, and then she BEGS POV to take her, sticking out her big booty sensually with a view of her lady parts. “I want to do BAD things with you, Master,” She moans breathily as POV comes in close to grab her ass.
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