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Brainwashed Barista

Brainwashed Barista
Brainwashed Barista
The cafe has closed and the barista has locked up for the night. POV is still sitting there finishing his coffee. He’s been waiting for this opportunity--to be alone with her with no risk of anyone interrupting. He’s already opened the mesmerizing app he’s installed on his phone when he goes to the counter for a refill.
“A refill? I’ve already locked up for the night but, I haven’t shut anything down yet, so sure. That should be fine. What did you have again?” She starts ringing him up and when she asks for the payment he holds up his phone. “What’s that? It’s just a swirl…” Her eyes grow wide and she stares blankly at the swirl as it conditions her to obey her new Master. When it’s finished, he snaps his fingers and she snaps out of the mindless trance.
“What just happened?” She blinks, confused. “Did you pay? What? Do a sexy dance for you? Why would you say that?” But her body has already come around from the counter and is shaking and swaying for him. She looks down at herself in disbelief. “How are you doing that? Shake my ass for you? No way...GASP.” Her body obeys as hard as she fights it. “Stop this. I don’t know how you’re doing this but you need to get out of here NOW.” But POV instead tells her to strip off her apron and lift her top to show him her big tits. She protests, but her body obeys and her eyes grow wide in shock. “Stop this!”
POV then makes her play with her huge tits before he starts to play with them. “What are you doing? No, I will NOT be your mindless obedient slave. I will never do that!” SNAP. Just like that, she’s in a trance: a mindless obedient slave. “Yes, Master...I am your mindless slave, Master. I must obey…” She’s told to remove her shirt and bra. Then she must play with her big tits and let Master play with them, too. They belong to him now, afterall. Then she must remove her tight black leggings so that she’s standing before him fully nude, except for the choker around her neck, which reminds him of a collar, so he keeps it on her as a symbol of her obedience to him.
She shakes her big bare booty for him. “Yes, Master. My body is yours now.” POV gropes her big booty and tits. Then he makes her do some more sexy dancing for him in the full nude. She obediently sways her ass back and forth and then turns around to sway her hips with a nice view of her tits and bush: her curves on full display. And then, just for fun, he snaps her out of the trance.
It takes her a moment to put together where she is and then she looks down to discover she’s BUTT NAKED in the middle of the cafe ALONE with POV behind locked doors. She panics and grabs her green apron, quickly putting it on to conceal herself as best she can. She yells at him to get out and threatens to call the police, but he makes her cluck like a chicken. “What? I will NOT do BAWK BAWK!” She starts clucking and flapping her arms like wings, humiliated to be obeying him but unable to control her body to stop. He snaps her back into a trance once he’s had his fun. She kneels on the floor in the slave position. “Yes, Master…” He has her happily wag her tail and stick out her tongue like a loyal little pet. She’s so happy to serve her Master.
Then he has her act like a horny bimbo. When he snaps his fingers she snaps out of her mindless trance and becomes the bubbly bimbo he wants her to be. She tells him how sexy he is and how much she wants him. She leans up against the counter with her butt out and begs for her Master to take her. After thoroughly taking in her delicious curves, he gets behind her and gropes her. “Yes, Master. I am Your barista who you can come and have anytime you please. With the snap of your fingers, I will become your obedient slave. Yes, Master. Take me. Mmmm...Yes!”
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