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[] Melody Marks, Natasha Nice - Midnight Lessons

Melody Marks has a brilliant idea to break into the school and steal "her"     tablet back, it's just an in and out thing, nothing wrong can happen. Her     teacher Natasha Nice arrives sometime later, to catch the naughty student     of hers inside the school and get her expelled but she finds herself     meeting an alien parasite first, who infiltrates her and takes over her     mind.

Melody hears some rumbling while in the middle of robbing the school inventory, and gets out to the halls. She gets afraid after stepping in some sort of translucent slime, saying how she's sorry out loud and telling her teacher that she's scared and that she should cut it out.

Instead, she's ambushed by her parasite-controlled     teacher Natasha and dragged into one of the classrooms. There, Melody     starts getting kissed by her teacher, she tries fighting back but once the     parasite is transferred to her, it's too late. They're both parasited, and     now it's time for the teacher and the student to fuck each other's brains     out.
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