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Don't Tell Mom I Brainwashed the Babysitter

Don't Tell Mom I Brainwashed the Babysitter
Don't Tell Mom I Brainwashed the Babysitter
Ludella Hahn is the POV's bitchy babysitter who won't pay attention to him. He asks if he can mesmerize her. She says that stuff isn't real and they just do it on TV for pretend, but he keeps bothering her about it, so she makes a deal with him that if she does it he has to stop bothering her for the rest of the night. He agrees and gives her his phone that has an entrancing app on it. She thinks it's stupid, but she humors him anyway. She quickly finds herself drawn to the swirl. Deeper and deeper her mind falls into it and after her eyes roll around she finally falls into a sleeping state. POV begins the brainwashing and has her repeat mantras of his control over her. He is Master and she must do everything he commands. When he snaps his fingers, she'll awake and obey him completely. He snaps his fingers and her eyes open with red swirls in them. The entrancing worked! He decides to humiliate her and have some fun with her in this state for what a bitch she's been. He has her bend over with her BIG BUTT in his face repeating "I have a big butt," and spanking herself while he takes photos. He then has her walk around in a mindless zombie state with her hands in front repeating more mantra of her being his brainwashed slave. He tells her to change into her yoga pants so he can better see her big butt. She obeys. When she returns, he has more fun with her, making her cluck like a chicken, crawl around and pant like a , and monkey around. She does some great impressions, completely obeying his wishes. He has her bow and serve him, do more walking in those pants, do a booty shaking dance to show off her big butt and curves, and then he has her do more posing for photos so he has some evidence of her obedience...and something to savor for later. A couple of times he snaps her out of the trance when she's in the middle of a humiliating action, which really throws her off. She gets bitchy with him wondering what the hell is going on, so he snaps her right back into it. One of the times he asks if she'll be his girlfriend and she calls him a weirdo, saying she already has a boyfriend, and besides, she's more popular and older than him. She calls him a little freak, so he snaps her back into the trance and has her call her boyfriend to break up with him. Then he tells her to be his girlfriend. She will be his forever and ever. He brainwashes her further into being completely his to do with as he pleases. She obeys completely. He reprograms her to have a bimbo cheerleader personality and then he wakes her from her trance into the new personality. She's super flirty with him now and starts doing cheers for him, touching her big boobs and showing off her big butt. She'll be his brainwashed bimbo slave babysitter forever and ever, to do with as he pleases...and no one is there to stop him.
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