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Brooke Bliss Break Room Timestop

Rock is enjoying a snack in the break room when Brooke, a new employee,     enters. They chat about her new job, adjusting, general chitchat. Rock     comments on her smile, and begins to hit on her a little more     aggressively, asking her to hang out with him and his fellow guy friends     for a drink.

Hes sad to find out that she has a boyfriend already, kind of a deal breaker, but he pursues her anyway, letting her know that shell be taken home, safe and sound. He tells her to check out the fridge, and she obliges, only to be timestopped by his watch.

Frozen stiff,     he begins stripping her down, removing her button-up shirt, her skirt, and     her lingerie. He lays her on the break room table and begins fucking her     mouth with his hard cock, thrusting deep until he cums down her throat.     Welcome aboard!
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