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Timestopped My Sister's Girlfriend

Timestopped My Sister's Girlfriend
Timestopped My Sister's Girlfriend

Rock has come home for a break from college, and his sister was supposed to pick him up at the airport, but she never showed, so he took a bus to her house and see's someone laying in her bed, thinking it is his sister, he kicks the bed and starts to tell her off, but is surprised when a stranger pokes her head out from under the covers.
The stranger, Tiffany, tells Rock that his sister is out of the country on holiday, and that she is subletting the apartment, he asks how she knows his sister, and Tiffany explains that they are dating. Rock doesn't like "unavailable" girls, and see's her lesbianism as a challenge, so he starts to hit on her.
Tiffany won't have his pushy behavior, and tells him to back off, so he activates his timestop watch, freezing her in place. He starts to pose her, then lays her down on the bed and starts to feel her pussy, then moves up to her nipples, then he sits her up and starts to strip her.
He bends her over and pulls out his dick and slides it into her frozen pussy, and fucks her in a couple of positions until he cums.
Then he sets her up posed on the chair and leaves her there while he goes out for a bite.
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