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Bitchy Boss Gets Timestopped

Tegan is working late in the office, Attila the janitor is sweeping up and has to clean her office, Tegan doesn't like Attila so tells him to go away, Attila just wants to get his work done, so he decides that he will timestop her so he can finish his work and go home, he goes back to Tegans office and continues sweeping, she keeps on bitching, then he timestops her, he sweeps for a bit, then realizes that he has this hot bitchy girl that he can do whatever he wants with, so he starts to strip her slowly and play with her body, posing her and feeling her smooth timestopped skin, he sits her up on the desk and plays with her pussy, licking it and rubbing his and her fingers on her clit, then he pulls out his cock and starts to fuck her tight frozen hole. After he finishes he leaves her on the desk so he can finish up his work.

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