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Let's See The Goods

Starring: Shavelle Love & Mary Jane  MaX is horny and decides to browse the Lingerie Model on-demand app again. This time a pair of lovely models catches his eye. He orders the girls via the app and waits for them to arrive. While time on his tablet, he notices a new app called "Timestop". He decides to download it. Maybe it'll work on these sexy models...  Mary Jane and Shavelle arrive in their sexy lingerie, but to MaX's disappointment, they have strict no touching policy and refuse his request to strip for him. He remembers the timestop app and tries it on the girls. To his delight, the girls freeze in place! He tests feeling up their tits then un-freezing them. They don't notice a thing!  Determined to get his money's worth, MaX goes to town on the frozen lingerie models. Exploring their exquisite bodies and sticking his hard cock into their pussies and mouths. He takes his time stripping and posing the girls, relishing in his new godlike power.  After testing the limits of his libido and imagination, MaX cums hard while plowing Shavelle from behind. He quickly and clumsily repositions and redresses the girls. After reassuming his original spot on the bed, MaX unfreezes them. Shavelle and Mary Jane blink at each other in a disoriented daze. They slowly snap out of it and assume everything has proceeded normally. They don't suspect a thing, even with a few garments out of place! MaX waves good-bye as they leave. He thinks they deserve a big tip!
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