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Stephanie Staar, Olive - Trickery

Directing an adult film is hard work. Just ask Max; he has his hands full     today, trying to direct two hot newcomers to the business, in a     girl-on-girl scene. To make matters worse, he's getting super horny. Who     wouldn't, watching this pair of young sluts getting it on just a few feet     away. How can he concentrate on his shot when they're grabbing each     other's firm breasts, sticking their fingers into their wet pussies and     sucking on each other's clits, all the while moaning with pure lust.     Luckily, Max received a timestopping watch from a fan of his movies and     now he gets to try it out. Freezing them just as one of them has their     face buried between the other's legs, he repositions them so they are     sitting side-by-side to each other on the couch. He makes sure that their     tits are exposed, panties gone and long legs splayed open, their freshly     fingered cunts on display. Standing behind them, he lubes up their hands     and gives himself a handjob, savoring the feel of their delicate, smooth     hands wrapped around his dick. Kneeling in front of one of the nubile     lesbians, he pulls her legs even farther apart and thrusts himself inside     her. She's so tight and still slick from where her friend's talented     tongue worked her into a frenzy. Max grabs her hips and sinks deep into     her warm love tunnel. It feels so good that he almost cums right there     inside her, but holds off through sheer force of will. He has to sample     the other one, too. Repositioning himself for easy entry, he shoves his     fat cock into the other young pornstar, her snatch squeezing him like a     welcoming embrace. His hips move back and forth, motion growing faster,     harder, until he is hammering her tight little cunt with such force that     the couch rocks.
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