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Flash Frame

Flash Frame
Flash Frame

The man we've come to unofficially know as the "Sleepy Photographer" (played deviously by Sleeperkid) welcomes yet another beautiful model to his home. This time around it's the stunning Vika, and within minutes he has the leggy blonde posing and preening as he snaps away. He asks if he can use his new flash on her and she says yes, completely unaware that the design will slowly drain her strength and consciousness. He snaps away as her eyes start to roll and cross, taking his time and smiling until a final snapshot sends her crashing to the couch, completely out cold. He then proceeds to have his fun, posing her limp body, carrying her away, bringing her back in a sexy thong bikini, and leaving her in various humiliating positions. She comes to a few times and he convinces her that things are going perfectly...until another snap of his camera sends her to Dreamland. A final sleeper hold and mind-eraser syringe makes sure the beautiful Vika stays out for the night...and remembers to show up for their "first shoot" later that week!
This movie contains camera flash KOs, sleeper hold KO, injection KO, emphasis on rag dolling, over the shoulder carries, limp limb manipulation
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