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Dakota Charms - Babysitter Trance

I will put you in time out if you bug me because I'm in control as the     babysitter. You want to try to do your magic spell on me? I will play your     game if you go to bed afterward. Is this spirally graph supposed to be an     induction?

My green eyes lose focus, roll and become mesmerized until I say "Yes Master, I'm under your control". You order me to dance like a ballerina, cluck like a chicken, jump on the furniture and ape like a . A striptease is seductive as I pull down my booty shorts and shake my ass in my bra and thong panties.

I obey every command and return to embarrassing chicken dancing and worshiping my own feet. I lick the soles and suck my toes because they taste so good. The blue toenails wiggle and tease as I show off each foot.

I'm directed to put my clothes on     and snap out of the spell oblivious to the humiliation I just received.
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